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Pokemon Town 3 - The path of Sea Breeze Figurine - Sudowoodo

Pokemon Town 3 - The path of Sea Breeze Figurine - Sudowoodo

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Pokémon Town 3 Collectible Figure: Sudowoodo's Seaside Stroll

Introducing the delightful Sudowoodo figure from the "Pokémon Town 3" series, released in July 2023. This charming collectible captures the essence of Sudowoodo as it enjoys a leisurely stroll through a beautifully detailed, miniaturized seaside town. Part of a series of six collectibles, this figure can be combined with the others to form a larger, interconnected seaside town diorama. Collect all six to create a vibrant and lively Pokémon scene.

Dimensions & Weight:

This figure comes in a compact and collector-friendly package, measuring 3.5 in x 5.5 in x 2 in and weighing only 3.5 oz. It's perfectly sized for display and easy to handle for collectors of all ages.

Design & Material:

Expertly crafted from high-quality PVC & ABS plastic, the Sudowoodo figure showcases meticulous attention to detail, from its characteristic brown and green coloring to its happy, carefree expression. The seaside town backdrop adds a charming context to Sudowoodo's joyful demeanor.

Origin & Authenticity:

Produced in China and shipped from the United States, this figurine is an authentic and high-quality piece for Pokémon fans and collectors.

Whether you're a dedicated Pokémon enthusiast or just starting your collection, this Sudowoodo figure is an excellent addition. It not only brings a touch of Pokémon fun into your home but also offers a glimpse into the charming world of these beloved creatures. Add Sudowoodo to your collection today and enjoy the whimsical spirit of Pokémon Town!

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