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Fire Type Pokémon Desk Mat

Fire Type Pokémon Desk Mat

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Ignite Your Workspace with the Fire Type Pokémon Desk Mat!
Released in April 2023, this vibrant red desk mat features an array of beloved Fire Type Pokémon, making it the perfect addition to any Pokémon enthusiast's desk setup.

Product Specifications:
  • Release Date: April 2023
  • Dimensions: 11.81 in x 23.62 in x 0.08 in Weight: 9.31 oz
  • Material: High-quality polyester surface with a natural rubber base for stability
  • Country of Origin: China
Handling Precautions:
  • Avoid placing hot items directly on the mat to prevent marks or deformation. Be cautious with wet or damp items to avoid print transfer.
  • Expect a mild rubber odor upon unpacking, which will dissipate over time.
  • Compatible with most optical mice, though some models may experience issues.
Shipping Information:
Packaged securely in a box to ensure its pristine condition upon arrival, we ship this item using USPS Ground Advantage for reliable and efficient delivery.

Enhance Your Desk with Pokémon Flair!
Whether you're gaming, studying, or working, this desk mat not only protects your desk but also brings a pop of Pokémon excitement to your space. With its eye-catching design and functional features, it's an ideal pick for fans and collectors alike.

Have any questions or need assistance? Reach out to us for prompt support. Make your desk the highlight of your room with this exclusive Fire Type Pokémon desk mat!
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