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Nacli Plush - Pokemon Center Japan

Nacli Plush - Pokemon Center Japan

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Nacli Plush from Pokémon Center Japan - October 2023 Release

Discover the unique charm of the Paldea region with the Nacli plush, a gen 9 Pokémon, straight from Pokémon Center Japan. Released in October 2023, this plush is a delightful representation of the rock salt Pokémon, Nacli, and is sure to be a hit with collectors and fans alike.

Dimensions & Weight:
This Nacli plush, measuring 7 inches in height, 6 inches in width, and 6 inches in depth, and weighing a mere 5 ounces, is perfectly sized for cuddling and display, making it a versatile addition to any Pokémon collection.

Quality Material:
Made from high-quality polyester with a soft polyurethane foam filling, the Nacli plush is both durable and huggable. Its material ensures long-lasting color and texture, keeping this adorable Pokémon looking its best.

Design & Detail:
Faithfully capturing Nacli’s rugged, brown upper body with the distinctive off-white stripe, and its iconic white salt cube lower body, this plush is a testament to the attention to detail and craftsmanship. The plush even features the characteristic orange-yellow eyes of Nacli, adding a touch of realism and personality.

Authentic & Imported:
Produced in China and shipped from the United States, this Nacli plush is an authentic product from Pokémon Center Japan. It’s a rare find for enthusiasts and a must-have for anyone looking to add a unique piece to their Pokémon plush collection.

Whether you're a seasoned Pokémon collector or looking for a special gift, this Nacli plush is a perfect choice. Its unique design, representing one of the newest Pokémon from the Paldea region, makes it a standout addition to any collection. Bring a piece of the Pokémon world into your home with this adorable Nacli plush!
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