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Flutter Mane Plushie - Paradox Pokémon - Pokémon Center Japan

Flutter Mane Plushie - Paradox Pokémon - Pokémon Center Japan

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Embrace the Mysterious Aura with the Flutter Mane Pokémon Plush – A Spectral Beauty from the Skies!
Add a touch of ethereal mystery to your Pokémon collection with this Flutter Mane plush. Inspired by the ghost-like Pokémon known for its hauntingly beautiful appearance and mysterious origins, this plush captures Flutter Mane's unique characteristics in stunning detail.

Product Specifications:
  • Release Date: May 2024
  • Dimensions: Approximately 8 x 16 x 11 inches
  • Weight: About 5 ounces
  • Materials: Soft polyester and polyurethane foam
  • Country of Origin: China
Plush Highlights:
  • This plush beautifully represents Flutter Mane's dark bluish-green color, complete with red gem-like details around the neck and red spikes on the head.
  • Its hair is designed to mimic arms with feathers, adding to the spectral allure of this plush.
  • The large yellow eyes with red sclerae are vividly recreated, giving the plush an intense and captivating gaze.
  • Made from high-quality polyester and filled with polyurethane foam, ensuring it is soft, cuddly, and durable enough for Pokémon fans of all ages.
Shipping Information:
Packaged securely, your Flutter Mane plush will arrive using USPS Ground Advantage, ensuring it reaches you in perfect condition.

Why You Need This Plush:
Flutter Mane is not just a Pokémon—it's a legend from the ancient Pokémon lore, brought to life in plush form. Ideal for collectors who appreciate the mystical and otherworldly aspects of the Pokémon universe, this plush serves as a perfect gift or a centerpiece in any Pokémon plush collection.

Questions or Need Help?
Please contact us! We're dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring you are completely satisfied with your mysterious new companion.

Bring home this stunning Flutter Mane plush today and let its otherworldly charm captivate everyone who beholds it!
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